Spa n A Box Portable Hot Tub

Spa In A Box

spa in a box portable hot tub

spa n a box portable hot tub

Spa In a Box or Spa ‘n a box is a great portable hot tub that seats 4 adults very comfortably. If you are looking for a spa that can ease your aching muscles after a long run or hard day in the office without breaking your bank account then Spa in a box is the hot tub for you.

The reason hot tub reviews like this portable hot tub so much is that it is easy to assemble and easy to maintain. No need for any tools for setting it up.



No special plumbing needed. Just plug it into an electrical socket and you’re on your way. It only takes maximum of two hours to set up (lots of people have done in less time) and within 24 hours the water temperature will reach the desired heat of 102 F. It can easily be maintained by using Nature2 Spa Stick Mineral Sanitizer for Portable Spas for a chlorine free option.

The jets in the spa have a great pressure doing wonders for those aching muscles of yours! There are about 100 jets in total. There are no actual seats in the hot tub however it does come with soft material at the bottom which makes it very comfortable and it doesn’t feel as if the tub is too deep either.

It comes with an inflated top that keeps the heat in and a cover that has solar coating on the inside as well as clips on the outside that it can fasten down, even get locked.

Pump is included in the Spa in A box

You should note that one of the drawbacks of this portable hot tub is that the motor is a little loud nothing major, more like having an outdoor vacuum on, but its only runs for 15 minutes so it’s not unbearable.

Spa in a box comes with the following:

  • ·         1 HP Turbo Wave Massage System,
  • ·         1 thermostatically controlled heater with freeze protection.


  • ·         27″ L x 73.5″ W x 27″ H


  • ·         85 lbs. empty, 2569 lbs. full

It can be used either indoors or outdoors and is wonderful for small spaces.


Reviews on Spa In a Box

Julie Steel in her review states:” I would highly recommend this product. I was pleasantly surprised with the look as opposed to the blow-up style of spa. This is sturdy and very much resembles a regular hot tub. The cover is outstanding in retaining the temperature.

Shirley H Kelly writes:” I love it it’s just what I needed to help my arthritis.

Peter Depalma in his review on the Spa in a Box writes:” Works great. Loses about 2-4 degrees while you are in it. Jets are adequate but not overpowering. For around a thousand, nothing else is better.

Honestly if you are looking for a portable hot tub that works well and will fit into your budget then the Spa in a Box Portable hot tub is one that you should really consider buying.


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