M Spa Model B-90 Apline Hot Tub Review


M Spa Model B -90 Apline hot tub will have you relaxing and enjoying yourself after a long day’s work or a strenuous workout. Just get into a spa bath and relax. Whether it is under the stars or in your garden or balcony, if you are looking for a cheaper option than the Lifesmart Rock Solid Simplicity Spa with Plug & Play Operation, then the M Spa Model B-90 Apline Hot Tub will be your inexpensive answer to your dreams.

m spa hot tub

The M Spa Model B-90 Apline Hot Tub is  a 6 person hot tub that is easy to install and easy to clean. It does not require any special installation or electricity just plug it into a regular 3 prong AC unit and you are ready to go. The spa is filled with regular water using a hose pipe. Drainig the M Spa is very easy. There is a little hole at the bottom of the spa that when you open it, it allows the water to drain.

This hot tub can be used in hot or cold weather and the 132 air bubble jets provide for a great massage!

The M spa holds a water capacity of 245 Gallons and is made with a premium 3 layer laminated PVC. The dimensions are 2′ 4” H x 6′ 1” W x 6′ 1” L. The inner dimentions are 2′ 3” H x 4′ 9” W x 4′ 9” .

Putting the M Spa together is very easy. You just inflate it. You will know when the spa has enough air in it when you see that the manometer that has a gauge on it, is green, when the gauge is red, the spa has too much air in it and you need to let some air out.

The M Spa Model B-90 Apline Hot Tub comes with:

  • 1 Spa,
  • 1 water heater,
  • 1 air hose,
  • 1 pump
  • 1 manometer
  • 1 spa locking cover to avoid children from falling in.
  • 1 year warranty
  • 132 jets!

The M Spa Does Not Include: M Spa Seat

  • It does not come with a Ozonator.
  • The spa does not comes with seats, however you can purchase seats seperately.
  • There is no light

The control panel can easily be used from within the hot tub. The control panel is easily set up and quickly inflatable takes less than 5 minutes.

It comes with an integrated self-drainage system that works great and doesn’t leave you having to bale out the last few liters of water! The little that is left over if any can be quickly and easily taken out by turning the hot tub upside down.

M Spa Alpine hot tub

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The M Spa Model B-90 Apline Hot Tub can be used on any surface from deck to concrete patio. If you want you can place foam mats underneath it to provide extra protection and cushioning but this is not a must.

The spa is not noisy at all. You only hear the bubbles when you are actually inside the spa and then it sounds like a low fan hair dryer.

The spa heats up to a maximum heat of 104 F.  and takes about 24 hours to get that temperature. The cover of the spa does not need to be kept on the spa while it is heating up. With the bubbles the temperature does go down a bit to 99F and then stabilizes. The length of the cord is 120 inches.

Chemicals to keep the spa cleanspa chemicals

Keeping the M Spa Model B-90 Apline Hot Tub clean is very simple by using chlorine granules. You can use any kit that tests for chlorine and PH so you can check the levels should be fine.

A small amount of chlorine or bromine can be used to keep the water of your M spa clean and sanitized. Do not mix the two. The spa comes with a water softner.

What do people who have bought the M Spa Model B-90 Apline Hot Tub have to say about it?

John Carney in his recent review said:” I was impressed with the build quality from the start, it really seems like this will stand the test of time. The control panel is great, it snaps on and is easy to use from the tub.”

Christine Gilliam states:” I was skeptical at first, but this actually is a nice hottub! works great, we use it all the time

Kathleen Hosey says:” love my mspa. easy to set up easy to clean

The Verdict.

The M Spa Model B-90 Apline Hot Tub will be a great choice if you are looking for a good portable spa that fits more than 4 adults inside. It’s quiet, easy to set up and maintain and provides a great massage! What more could you ask for? With a saving of over $700 its worth checking out!


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